AIA Southwest Michigan,

On behalf of the entire team here at the DCTree, we want to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business by designing you a comprehensive mobile application. 

Your satisfaction is what keeps our doors open. After our initial meeting, our team has developed a customized plan for your specific comprehensive architecture directory database. Included with your workable database is a beautiful mobile app (iOS + Android-ready) that will proudly serve as a tool for exploration of local architectural information and structures. 

Keep scrolling to find details regarding the functionality of your database, mobile application, including additional information on creating a public-facing website directory platform. We have included information about our process and a brief bio, as well as a detailed project schedule and fee structure for partnering on this project.

Lance Rynearson & Dr. Cory St. Denis


Lance Rynearson

Co-Founder & Technology Director

Lance Rynearson is the founder and manager of multiple businesses, an active entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for mid-century modern architecture and design. All his businesses promote forms of art that are enabled by technology and creative innovation, an intersection that defines Lance’s professional interests.

Dr Cory St Denis

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dr. Cory St. Denis started his first business at the age of 14 and has never looked back. Since the start of the DCTree, he has derived great pleasure working directly with businesses to continue their success via digital marketing. In addition to serving as the creative director for DCTree Marketing, Dr. Cory earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree in fall of 2014 & has been serving his local community via house calls.


Project Summary

Mobile Application 

A public-facing mobile application is the most trendy and helpful tool to provide your community. With your database, you will be able to organize and maintain various types of information that can be displayed on the app. 

  • Add Unlimited Structures 
  • Branded Blog Feature To Highlight Certain Architects, Structures, Styles, Etc
  • Create Unlimited Categories And Tags To Be Filtered By Search In The App Or Online
  • Host Your Events Calendar To Be Viewed From The App Or Online
  • Push Notifications Enabled

There are many advantages to launching an app such as this. The scale of the project is impressive and builds brand equity in your specific organization and your purpose. This is going to make a statement! 

Keeping your app up-to-date and working perfectly in the app stores creates a wonderful ongoing relationship between us. Working together to continue the future development of your project is fun and easy. DCTree Marketing provides you with 24/7 online support, plus a direct support contact available during business hours and by appointment via phone or video chat. 


Not only is having a website a beautiful way to provide full access to the information on your app, but it allows for a much more robust display of the information you are working so hard to compile. If the database information you compile and organize is published only in your app, sharing the experience with someone else becomes more about helping them download the app so they can search for the information themselves.  

Combining a mobile app with a public-facing website allows you to re-purpose the work you do to organize and create content. The basic tools used to create listings, profile posts, events, or filtered searches has a URL address which can be shared via any way links are shared (direct message, text, email, social network sharing options, etc). This exponentially magnifies the “discovery” of your app project and can save greatly replacing more traditional print/radio/commercial marketing with a digital presence. 

These websites are built to drive visitors to download the app right away if they are on a mobile phone or tablet that has access to the app store. If you use your phone to visit websites regularly, you may have experienced this type of prompt to download the app directly to your phone. A website opens your project up to computer traffic, allowing your system to be highlighted in the app store and across the internet too.

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