On behalf of the entire team here at the DCTree, we want to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. 

Your satisfaction is what keeps our doors open, and it sounds like helping you to have a newer, regularly updated, functional and comprehensive business directory database with a local and tourism-focused mobile application for your chamber is the best way to make sure you’re completely satisfied. 

You will find below: details regarding the functionality of our DCTree website database, mobile applications, chamber member directory platform, our process and a brief bio, and detailed project plan and fee structure for the services we are offering.

Lance Rynearson & Dr. Cory St. Denis

pricing and fee structure

  • App Development $6,999 - One Time
    $1,499 - Per Year

    Development of an app-ready dashboard + database of business listing profiles with individual chamber companion iOS and Android Applications.

  • Website Development $4,999 - One Time
    $1,499 - Per Year

    Public-facing Development of a beautiful business directory, full chamber admin/member-add event system W/RSS + payment integration w/ export to QuickBooks, admin-member and member-member internal messaging system, customizable access levels for different user types, 24/7 online support ticket system, direct customer service and techical support available during business hours, fully social-share ready, unlimited change requests for designing new pages or making changes, free training for anyone in your organization to learn to make changes. We will fully develop the website, but you will be responsible for making a listing entry for your businesses. You can easily direct each member to have them complete their own.

  • Schedule

    We can start on your project as early as Jan 31st, 2022.

Project Summary

Mobile Application 

Whether it is one chamber, or multiple chambers that make up your region of the state: a public-facing mobile application is the most trendy and helpful tool to provide your members as a benefit for paying their dues. 

Businesses that have a chamber membership will be given a profile page for their business on the chamber website and app when they use the website to join. Current members profiles will be imported and a special page will be created for them to claim their listing and create the login credentials to sign in and edit, add events, etc.

With the click of your mouse, you can use your DCTree dashboard to change and update information that will automatically and immediately update in the app in real time.  

Combining our award-winning public facing website platform with a mobile app and committed support system will keep your chamber in the spotlight and allow for easy management of membership, events, and promotions.


We realize how many moving parts there are when it comes to managing membership for a chamber of commerce. We can provide integration with all 3rd party payment systems, so that your chamber website is the one place you log in to manage membership, payments, events and tickets, and marketing your chamber members. 

The website platform has a great look and ease of usability and provides the database of information that is accessed by the end user. Local people or visitors easily find and view the businesses in your chamber, call or message them directly, get directions right on any device via their browser, or via the App. 

Our easy-to-use directory and membership administration tools allow you to simplify many chamber operations.  Collecting yearly/monthly membership dues, working quickly and easily with our team to create landing pages for marketing people/businesses/events, creating and managing your event calendar to keep your community up to date on current and upcoming events. 

Chamber members benefit immensely by including their profile in your powerful directory which provides massive exposure, not to mention a search-engine ready page a member can use to direct prospective customers to, especially if they don’t have a website of their own. 

Administration saves time, stays organized, and has 24/7 support from our technical team. 

Win, Win, Win!

The main advantages of our all in one system:

•Better business directory personalization: Each chamber business listing is different from the other. To provide chamber members the most value, we can customize each listing type (or business category) so their information is easy to access.

Developing a business directory platform with The DCTree empowers end-user experience which will bring profit to the chamber in saved time, automation of subscription services such as membership and advertising sales, massive value-add to the members locally, giving many local businesses the most professional display of their information available online.

Membership Enhancements 

Stabilize membership by creating recurring business listing subscriptions and securely storing either card or bank information on file for each member. Payment can be authorized via automatic, manual, or reminder-to-pay methods. 

Creating a business listing on the chamber platform will act as the first step for your new member to becoming a chamber member. 

Prospective members can even join the chamber, pay their membership, and submit their completed business listing profile on their own at any time, to be sent to admin for final approval.

Benefits For Local Businesses

•Search Engine Optimized Listing 

•Event Listing 

•Traffic exposure from the website, search engines, and tourism

•Use profile URL as web address if you don’t have a website

Business Listing Profile (Example of a chamber member’s profile) 

•map features – use the website to browse local businesses and get instant directions through your computer or phone from your current location, in real time 

•call now buttons optimized for mobile device use makes it easy call a business immediately 

•easily add a video about your business 

•extremely effective search engine optimization for both the chamber and all local businesses 

•events can be featured, promoted, and accessed publicly from the website


Lance Rynearson

Co-Founder & Technology Director

Lance Rynearson is the founder and manager of multiple businesses, an active entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for mid-century modern architecture and design. All his businesses promote forms of art that are enabled by technology and creative innovation, an intersection that defines Lance’s professional interests.

Dr Cory St Denis

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dr. Cory St. Denis started his first business at the age of 14 and has never looked back. Since the start of the DCTree, he has derived great pleasure working directly with businesses to continue their success via digital marketing. In addition to serving as the creative director for DCTree Marketing, Dr. Cory earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree in fall of 2014 & has been serving his local community via house calls.


Our Work

About The DCTree, LLC

Creative and business-focused co-founders Lance Rynearson and Dr. Cory St. Denis began working together in 2013 with the mission to grow a digital company that would fulfill their desires to work in technology. Today, the likes of many small and large businesses, non-profit and civic groups, doctors, and unique companies rely on this digital marketing consulting service to provide local, people-centered support with technologies and services across the spectrum of digital applications. The DCTree is working tirelessly to create the perfect solution and reputation for their clients by guaranteeing a refresh of all technology every two years as part of their service packages with 2 main locations in Midland, MI and Jay, ME.

In 2017 Lance and Cory recognized the importance of expanding their understanding of native iOS and Android mobile applications and began offering these services.

Their very first project in the app store was nominated and recognized by the Do Co Mo Mo international design award jury to receive the 2019 Citation of Merit award after successfully working directly with the University of Michigan’s Department of Industrial Operation Engineering, Practicum in Production and Service System Class to create a directory listing platform that integrated core Google Maps functions.

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