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Dr. Cory St. Denis: A House Call Chriopractic Success Story


Correct, and it’s really that simple.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear of this model of practice while I was in chiropractic school. Post-graduation, like many I immediately took an associate position at a practice with hopes of rapid expansion and growth in the high volume model boasted about in college, coaching seminars, and many chiropractic get-togethers.

This growth came for me over time, but it looks very different than I had imagined when I was freshly graduated. The high volume practice model allowed for five minute appointments and had a strong emphasis on quantity of patient visits rather than quality appointments unrestricted by time.

During my first year of practice as an employee, I was hyper-focused on learning more about what I knew to be the norm in practice. I was unable to see the big picture of how my chiropractic practice could fit into my life. I have watched and experienced the burnout of other doctors, and this was not a suitable way to live for me.

If you wish to follow my Instagram account for my house call practice, click this photo and follow along with my progress.

In order to fully enjoy my work, my big career picture needed to include the following:

Confidently enjoying my life while living a lifestyle that supported my long term health and relationship goals.
Financial success without cutting appointment times down to 5 minutes and seeing “how many” I can book in a day.
An opportunity to do something unique and unknown with my career.

My house call chiropractic practice has been undeniably responsible for the results of the aforementioned big picture.

* Open my house call practice website in a new tab and find answers to some of the biggest questions I receive about practicing in a house call model.

Why House Calls?
With your office setup in a few quick steps, you can be in-and-out of an appointment efficiently, in minutes. The overhead for your business decreases dramatically, which provides you the opportunity to focus on what services are most important to your clients and provide for them in one of the most convenient manners, right in their own space.

Here are a list of the many questions I receive from other chiropractors and health and wellness practitioners each week about my house call practice via email and text messages, phone calls, and website inquiries:

1. How far do you travel? What about weather?
2. How many people do you see each day, week, and month?
3. What do you charge for your services?
4. How do you handle insurance?
5. What EHR do you use?
6. What technology do you use for mobile appointments, and why?
7. What marketing techniques do you have employed and how are they working?
8. Do you like doing this? Any close calls, disappointments, or things you might change?
9. What do you do about tracking mileage, is there a travel fee for your appointments?
10. What about a satellite office, or additional physical locations?
11. How do you get referrals? Do you partner with other practitioners or businesses?
12. You are at the top of the list on Google when searching for house call chiropractic, how did you do this?
13. You make websites with your company, The DCTree, does this get you new patients? (VEIW HOUSE CALL WEBSITE PACKAGE)
14. What is your social media strategy?
15. How do people find you?
16. Who answers your phone?
17. What billing service do you use?
18. How do you collect money?
19. Do you have care plans?
20. How long are your appointments?
21. How do you deal will x-rays or ordering diagnostics?
22. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
23. Is my gigantic Thule table good for house calls?
24. Do you really have more time and flexibility with your clinical schedule?
25. HIPAA? Paperwork?
26. How do you get reviews?

See my Facebook page for Dr. Cory House Calls HERE. I do as much of my marketing through this medium as I can, including the writing of my travel blog and posting of regular website content.

After gaining much experience through successfully starting my rural Maine house call practice, it has brought so much joy and confidence to my life. For me, right now, this is perfect. If you think this might be something you are interested in, please continue to research your options for this endeavor and read on.

If you are curious about the answers to some of these questions, I would be happy to share my experience with you on an official house call practice consultation. You can ask me any questions you like and I will gladly share what my path has been and which choices I have made.

Request a house call practice chat with me, half hour call sessions can be purchased for $50.00 and full hour sessions for $100.00.

Book Now

In the meantime, you should know that I had help getting started and pushing along week-by-week. I teamed up with Dr. Jen Faber of the House Call Practice program and purchased her full program, including a year of monthly coaching calls during my first year of practice. This program and relationship with Dr. Jen is priceless, as she has throughly outlined how to do all of this in 12 weeks, or for those of us who jump into the unknown without hesitating, 4 weeks.

Working together, Dr. Jen and I have teamed up through the DCTree to create stunning website marketing platforms that can configure with her official program recommendations.

Click to view a special webinar opportunity with Dr. Jen

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Cory




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