Our names are Cory St. Denis and Lance Rynearson, we own an agency called DCTree. We have been working in the digital technology since 2005, when Lance made his entrance into the business of website and graphic design. Feeling battered by slow-moving technology, Lance was ready to hang up the towel on the business of web design when a conversation between us sparked a change. We formed our company together in 2014 to provide digital media and marketing services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We adopted the subscription model and built in layers of support and automation for our clients including our most popular process called New Every Two, where we promise to deliver a new website every 2 years for our clients as part of maintaining active subscription. 

We provide:

Lance and I have read your books as part of our professional development together, starting with the Subtle Art back in May of 2017. Lance discovered you through the book and then became a subscriber to your premium blog, where he discovered the opportunity to apply to work with you. 

You have actually been a huge help to us with your writing, but almost more importantly and oddly enough: we’ve been using you as our example. We even developed a mobile app using your subscription model blog as a use case for the app. We imagine many people would love to see that little red dot on your app as your newest post becomes available, avoiding the woes of using email as a primary source of communication.

We would write much more, but our closing story goes as follows. One of us used your book as a gift to land a first date, which we still agree was pretty fucking cool. This year Cory and his wife had a baby and Lance survived a flood. We have worked for many years to be in a position where we felt confident to tackle these types of opportunities and we welcome a meeting with you.

iOS / Android App

We’ve mocked up a mobile application for you in our staging area, let us know if you would like a link to download the app on your phone.

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Click on any of the tiles below to view our portfolio projects and use any of the contact pages on their websites to contact them directly for reference interviews.

Cops & Doughnuts

Web + Online Store + App

Alden B Dow
Creative Foundation

Web + Online Store + App


Web + Online Directory + LMS + App

Western Maine

Web + APp
WordPress Blog

Hawaiis House Call Chiros


pricing and fee structure

We are assuming that you have many of the aspects of hosting and managing traffic on your website under control, but we are happy to pitch you a complete take-over of your platform or simply an hourly rate to provide the services you require as you need them. 

We would offer an hourly rate of $150.00 for things like working on the website, building new landing pages, updating plugins/security/hosting , troubleshooting, etc. 

Marketing proposals for social media posting and advertising would be made upon consultation, but our social media management work ranges from $300-1500 a month depending on complexity. We would be happy to do market research and advise on ad spend as well. 

Graphic design and branding projects like logos content creation, and animation you reference would fit into our hourly rate of $150. 


Lance Rynearson

Co-Founder & Technology Director

Lance Rynearson is the founder and manager of multiple businesses, an active entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for mid-century modern architecture and design. All his businesses promote forms of art that are enabled by technology and creative innovation, an intersection that defines Lance’s professional interests.

Dr Cory St Denis

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dr. Cory and Lance started The DCTree together because they both see the need to help people with technology. Dr. Cory is familiar with helping people as he splits his professional time 50-50 between his unique chiropractic house call practice in Maine and the DCTree.


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What Our Clients Say

I used the DC tree team to set up my website & I have nothing but great things to say. The team listened to what I wanted and needed on my site and then put it into fruition. They did everything quickly and were attentive and helpful with every detail; even helping me with things I didn’t even think of before! The team is very kind, & thorough & I am so pleased with the results of my site. I highly recommend them!
Meagen Mateialona
The folks at DC Tree met all of my website development needs. Starting up a new practice can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have little to no skill in developing a website. They were professional, timely, had a great communication system for requests and revisions and it turned out FANTASTIC! I am extremely pleased with the product they delivered and continue to help revise and edit with me. Also, they were very friendly on the budget! I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Mark Levi
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