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Extreme Website Makeover

We get calls, emails, and Facebook messages every week asking if we can take “old” outdated websites and make them into something bright and new.

The answer is yes, and it’s easier than you think!

If your website provider is still charging you to be mobile friendly or worse yet, if your website ISN’T mobile friendly, you are reading the right blog.

We have spent the last 13 years learning how to keep up with web development.

Not just learning new things, but learning where to find the BEST new aspects of development.

Your current (outdated) website is a great place to start.  We will take everything you have written and update it to quickly transform your old website into a beautiful new money-maker.

Today, websites are all about sharing to social media, hosting clear information that your IDEAL customers identify with, and providing value.

Don’t let another minute pass, turn your old website into a marketing platform.


Another Happy Website Client!

Dr. Cory St. Denis

Cory St. Denis, D.C. is a Brain Based Wellness Chiropractor| Co-Founder & Website Project Coordinator: The DCTree|Productivity Hacker & entrepreneur| Defeating ADHD and chasing his dreams has allowed him to help families and professionals with the stuff that matters most. He is passionate about bridging the gap between local Maine people and extraordinary Health.

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