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Dr. Lee House Calls

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ClientDr. Hong LeeLocationMetairie, LouisianaProject Start2021LinkVisit SiteShare

Who remembers when doctors visit their patients in their homes? Well, Dr. Lee is changing the game in his neighborhood because he is tired of waiting rooms. We designed Dr. Lee’s brand from the ground up starting with his logo and color palette, followed by the design of his comprehensive branding guide which he was able to use to contract a local printing company to create his swag.

He believes that providing care to his patients at home provides them with more time together, allows for him to provide a more thorough session, and it is REALLY convenient! His full service website platform was built to provide a hub for all of his digital marketing efforts as well as providing valuable information to his ideal clients.

Dr. Lee is starting his business off on the right foot, hiring expert help to quickly and efficiently launch his new business in style.

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