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[eBook] 3 Tips for Landing Page Success

[eBook] 3 Tips for Landing Page Success

First, start writing. When you get from the start to the finish of your story or content, publish your eBook. Now you are ready to start building the landing page. 

Step 1- Write Your Copy

Start by writing 3 lines of copy for each of the following purposes. 

Present the Obstacles

What are the obstacles your content provides a solution for? How can your content help?

Present Your Solutions

What are 3 aspects of your book that will help readers avoid the pain points?

Your Short Bio

Write a quick and compelling bio about why your book is worth reading and share your "why" for writing.

Free Preview Copy

Decide what you want viewers to see for a preview and gather/produce a free preview.

Step 2 - Create your Page

The DCTree team can create a marketing platform for you, help you organize all of this step-by-step, and help you market your book. 

Author spotlight

Write a short bio that describes your journey.  What lead you to develop this content and how do you intend for users to apply it to their life?

Your Name Here

Step 3 - Choose Distribution Model

Decide if you want to give this resource for free in exchange for joining your email marketing list, or if you wish to charge per download.

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